Domaine du Clos d'Hullias
A stone’s throw from the Clos d’Hullias wedding venue

Medieval village of Aiguèze at 4km


Aiguèze, ranks among the “most beautiful villages in France” is located 4 km from the country house wedding venue.

Aiguèze perched on a cliff above the river Ardèche, offers breathtaking views of the valley and the gorges...
Stroll through medieval alleyways full of history and have a drink on one of the square terraces under a hundred-year-old plane trees next to the fountain.
Take a deep breath... you are in Provence!

Gorges de l'ardèche at 4km


Discover the Gorges de l'Ardèche nature reserve nearby the country house.

From the Clos d’Hullias, you will admire breathtaking views of the river Ardeche.!
You can find out about activities like hiking, canoeing/kayaking, climbing, fishing, the Gorges de l’ Ardeche Nature Guides.

La Chartreuse de la Valbonne


The Chartreuse de la Valbonne built in 1204 is situated between the Gorges de l'Ardèche and the Cèze Valley, in the heart of an exceptional forest in the “garrigue”.

Pont d'arc


This huge natural rock arch carved in the cliff by the Ardèche River is a must-see in the Gorges de l'Ardèche.
It's amazing to canoe underneath!.

You can also stop in one of the nearby beaches before beginning the descent to the Gorges.

The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave


The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave in the Ardèche department of southeastern France listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Deep cave where the first artists in human history painted a masterpiece; hundreds of hunting, running or fighting animals drawn from life.
Thirty-six thousand years later, scientists, engineers and artists have achieved the Grotte Chauvet 2, the largest cave replica in the world that recreates the magic of the Chauvet cave.

Aven d'Orgnac


The Cave of Aven d' Orgnac en Ardèche also known as Le Grand Site de l’Aven d’Orgnac is situated between the Gorges de l’Ardèche and the Cèze valley. The Aven d'Orgnac has the label Grand Site de France,

Beautiful caves at 121 below the sea level, huge chambers, massive stalactites and stalagmites magnified by sequence light show.
Next to the cave the Cité de la Préhistoire will take you on an amazing 350,000-year journey back to Prehistoric times.
Multiplayer interactive tables, exhibitions, workshops, activities for all ages, objects discovered in Ardèche and in the North Gard will make you discover the daily lives of our ancestors.



The city of Avignon, known as the gateway of Provence, is the ideal base to explore the Provence.
Let yourself be charmed by its cobbled streets, its shady squares, its gastronomy and its exceptional heritage!

Capital of Christianity in the Middle Ages, Avignon has a fabulous heritage of which a large part is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO the Palace of the Popes and the Pont d'Avignon, the Place du Palais and the Hôtel des Monnaies with its baroque facade, the Petit Palais museum and the Cathedral of the Doms, as well as the ramparts, from the Jardin des Doms to the Bridge.

The Pont du Gard


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and labeled “Grand site de France”, the Pont du Gard is another must-see in the Gard.

A masterpiece of ancient architecture, the Pont du Gard aqueduct is one of the most beautiful Roman constructions in the region.
Discover a grandiose monument at the heart of the route of this Roman aqueduct.


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